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Mogotest API

The Mogotest API allows you to run tests against your sites programmatically.  It provides much more flexibility than is otherwise available via the Mogotest Web site and lets you integrate the screenshot taking capabilities of our service with any of your applications.


It is a simple ReST API and thus works with all major languages.


All tests are authenticated with your account via your unique API key. When you run a test with the API it will use up one of the test credits you have allocated to your account. For this reason, you should make sure you never share your API key with anyone else. You should send your API calls over SSL, too, in order to prevent hijacking of your API key.

You can find your API key from your user setting's page.

If you're building a product you wish to distribute atop the Mogotest API, please contact us to discuss the best options available regarding service authentication.

Use Cases

The Mogotest API allows you to do a lot more with our service than you could otherwise do with just our Web interface. By using the API you can neatly integrate the features Mogotest provides with other products and services. Some example applications of the API are:

  • Tie into your continuous integration environment so you can run a test after a product build
  • Attach test results to issues filed in your defect tracker
  • Test private applications by pushing the necessary resources via the API (you don't need to have a publicly facing Web server!)
  • Integrate with Web browser plugins
  • Automate testing of dynamically generated sites
  • Build a bookmarklet

Get Started

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